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Since 2011, we are helping coaches in making their work easier, faster, and more efficient. Through our international experience with television stations, media, national teams, big clubs, and smaller, regional teams, we got inspired. We saw the importance of video analysis and the benefits it carries. But, there was a problem – only the big clubs could afford to use tools that make their teams better, and a lot of smaller clubs and youth academies could never get a chance in improving their work with the help of video analysis.

We made it our mission to use the experience we have to create a video analysis tool for coaches at every level. That is how Once Video Analyser was born.

Advanced tagging options and animated 3D graphics empower coaches in many different sports all around the world. Some of our clients are the Aspire Academy from Qatar, the Croatian Football Federation, the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eintracht Frankfurt and GNK Dinamo Zagreb. Also, our users are many other 1st, 2nd and 3rd division clubs and individual coaches and football experts. We are proud to be here for all of them.



• Growth of Once Video Analyser


• Development of Once Swimming


• Development of Once Video Analyser


• R&D project of Once Tracking (optical tracking of players from panorama video)


• Development of Once Stitcher


• A project with Kicker GmbH (kicker.de) for seasons 2014./15. and 2015./16.


• The start of the ongoing cooperation with Aspire Academy (Qatar) on the project for 2022 World Cup


• Released the first iPad application in the world for detailed match analysis


• Once Sport is founded




Dalibor is a driven and ambitious person in love in football and technology. An entrepreneur with a practical outlook, attention to detail and experience of startups and the hands-on CEO of Once since 2012. During his mandate company started working with big clients like Aspire Academy from Qatar, Kicker portal from Germany, Croatian Football Federation and many other clubs and individual coaches.




Chairman with 25 years of experience in planning the strategy, business models and launching of new business on the market. Practical financial, strategic and operating leadership. Drazen is an expert in resolving complex problems and a keen football fan. Investor in several startups.

Fairs, Conferences & Exhibitions visited (before COVID19 era)

• MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 (Boston)
• Wyscout Forum 2016 (London)
• Sportdata&Performance Forum 2017 (Zurich)
• Soccerex Asian Forum 2017 (Doha)
• China Football Summit 2017 (Guangzhou)
• World Soccer Convention 2017 (Beijing)
• Football Analytics and Performance Summit 2017 (London)
• International Sports Convention 2018 (Geneva)
• United Soccer Coaches Convention 2018 (Philadelphia)

• China Sport Show 2018 (Shanghai)
• The International Sport Exhibition 2018 (Moscow)
• Soccerex America 2018 (Miami)
• Sports Analytics & Technology Conference 2018 (Amsterdam)
• United Soccer Coaches Convention 2019 (Chicago)
• Spobis 2019 (Dusseldorf)
• Soccerex Europe 2019 (Manchester)
• World Soccer Convention and Exhibition 2019 (Beijing)
• Inter BEE 2019 (Tokyo)

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