The best look of 2023 (and beyond) – the new logo of Once Sport

Once Sport has a new logo! Even though our old logo served us well, we’ve decided to give our brand a fresh look that reflects our commitment to innovation. Our new logo is just a part of our larger vision for the future. One additional huge announcement in the blog!

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2022: Once Video Analyser, a year in review

In 2022, Once Video Analyser saw major updates and improvements, including updated Telestrations, new hotkey templates for various sports, and compatibility with both macOS and Windows platforms, making analysis more efficient and customizable for coaches, players, and analysts.

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New drawings, a video converter, and tagging upgrades – Once Video Analyser

Once Video Analyser has new drawing elements, a video converter feature, and tagging upgrades! We have hugely improved the spotlight and the circle, added a video converter, and made some tagging upgrades. Read to learn everything about the new version!

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New version of Once Video Analyser for Windows and macOS – all you need to know

A huge update of Once Video Analyser is here! We have massively improved both the Windows and the macOS version of Once Video Analyser. But, what are those improvements exactly? Find out everything there is to know about the new version of Once Video Analyser.

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How does an elite coach use video analysis? Exclusive interview with Pedro Henriques

How does an elite coach use video analysis? An exclusive interview with Pedro Henriques, ex-Benfica coach, 2x nominee for the best female futsal coach in the world award. For him, video analysis is a tool that brings him closer to perfection, closer to victory.

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Automated recording solutions like Veo and Once Video Analyser – a match made in heaven

To create video analysis you need two things - a video, and a video analysis program. You can use automated recording solutions, such as Veo, Pixellot, Spiideo, or Once Autocam, for getting TV-like footage, and analyse it with Once Video Analyser. It’s the perfect combination! Read more!

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