Discover 5 reasons why you and your team should use Once Video Analyser PRO.

1) Simple to use

User-friendly interface and a straightforward approach is what keeps Once Video Analyser PRO ahead of its competition.  Every coach can use our software and prepare analysis because it’s so simple.

2) Offline

Since the software works offline, you can use it whenever and wherever. Whether it’s on the plane, on the bus or in the locker room, Once Video Analyser PRO will help you get your point ahead.

3) Awesome graphics

Animated graphics is what helps keep your players attention and what helps him learn much easier and quicker. Elements before seen only on TV now available to suit your needs.

4) Affordable and pay monthly option

Cool graphics, easy and intuitive software is now available to everyone, not only elite clubs and coaches. You can choose between yearly or monthly payments, whichever suits your finances best. If you stay without job, you can easily cancel the subscription and activate it again when you need Once Video Analyser.

5) Export, live analysis and presentation mode

The export option is what proves that Once Video Analyser is a powerful tool. You can export with or without drawings, you can export all actions together or each separately. Then share the exported video and present it. We have also presentation mode if you want to present directly from the application. You can even export stats created by Once Video Analyser from tagged events. Live analysis is also available in Once Video Analyser PRO – you can analyse m3u8 stream, rtsp stream or from camera using capture device.

It’s not hard to see why. By using Once Video Analyser PRO, teams and coaches can improve their results. This is because players respond better to the graphics analysis, it’s easier to keep their focus in today’s world.

“Once Pro app helped me to isolate the individual and team technical & tactical elements of the matches, through the detailed analysis supported by videos. Loading multiple matches allowed me to track trends of my players.”
M. Lozo

So, have you already made your decision? Contact us at i[email protected] for more information or download free trial from

Sneak peek to new version coming in 2 weeks:

  • hotkeys: add keyboard shortcuts for actions
  • multiple analysis open together: easier to find patterns and trends when you open a few analysis together
  • share/import analysis: share analysis (tagged actions, and drawings) with your coaching staff members
  • good/bad/favorite action type: easier to filter tagged actions
  • add your notes to the tagged action: add a note of what happened in the recorded action
  • manual recording buttons option: start recording when press button, stop recording when clicking it again
  • preparation for live analysis mode (in 4 weeks)
  • other improvements…

If you want to test a new version for free, contact us at [email protected]