Advanced tagging, 3D animated graphics and live analysis options. The ultimate video analysis tool, Once Video Analyser PRO, is now better than ever.

You can get the redesigned Once PRO now and save up to 108 Euro with a 30% discount or just get a free trial to see its benefits for yourself.

Once PRO – what is new?

  • Better user experience
  • Even easier to use
  • Russian language added + other languages wording improvements
  • Functionality fixes
  • Massive improvements for the same price

We have implemented a completely new design, with a brand new dark and green colour scheme that is much easier for the eyes. If you are used to using our previous version, you are going to love the update.

Once PRO is now even easier to use, because of changes regarding the arrangement of the functionalities. We have listened to your feedback and improved on some of the pain points. Now, everything you need to do is even more accessible.

With this update, we focused heavily on ease of use. Time is of the essence for any coach or analyst and you don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing your analysis. That is why the new Once PRO is very user oriented and anything you want to do is just one click away.

For new users, this update is going to bring benefits because it will be even more intuitive so the process of learning how to use Once PRO is going to be quicker and easier.

Of course, we have dealt with some of the previously reported issues and we have fixed the bugs that appeared in the system. Also, there are some language fixes. Best of all? The price will remain the same, meaning that Once Video Analyser PRO remains the most cost effective solution in the market.

Massive improvements for the same price

Shortly, we can sum this update up as: massive improvements for the same price.

Stay tuned for our next big updates – the redesigned Once Video Analyser Basic and Once Telestrator. And for all of you Mac users, don’t worry, you are on our mind. The Mac version is currently being developed too and will be available for use sometime during this year.

Want to see what we have done? Check out the video!

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If you have already bought Once PRO, you will get an update of the program in the following weeks.

If you are reading this and you haven’t tried video analysis yet, or you aren’t satisfied with the results, visit Download a free trial of Once Video Analyser PRO! Once is a simple-to-use tool for professional video analysis with TV-like graphics. You can get a video tutorial free-of-charge as well. Simply contact us at [email protected] to schedule a call so we can show you all of the program features and answer any questions you may have.