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How does an elite coach use video analysis? Exclusive interview with Pedro Henriques

How does an elite coach use video analysis? An exclusive interview with Pedro Henriques, ex-Benfica coach, 2x nominee for the best female futsal coach in the world award. For him, video analysis is a tool that brings him closer to perfection, closer to victory.

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Why is using video analysis in scouting important? A new partnership with the PFSA

When we talk about coaches, analysts, and scouts improving their skills, there are not a lot of organizations that can compare to the quality of the Professional Football Scouts Association - the PFSA. Or, as we can proudly say - our new partner, the PFSA.

By |2022-04-19T13:45:34+02:00April 19, 2022|Analysis, Once Video Analyser, Testimonials|

Why is video analysis important in the development of young players? – SV Sandhausen and Once Sport

SV Sandhausen is currently in one of its best periods, playing in the 2. Bundesliga for the tenth consecutive season. As they are focused on their youth academy as one of the pillars of the club’s development, they know the value of video analysis. So, they have started using Once Video Analyser PRO.

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Once as an eSport video analyser – L4K eSports and Once are partners now

Once is a very diversified tool. Now, Once is entering a completely new field - eSports. We are announcing a partnership with L4K eSports - the German national competence center for virtual football.

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USER TESTIMONIAL – Head of Scouting and Data analyst at FC Maccabi Netanya

"Once Video Analyser is a very helpful tool for us in the area of video analysis. We are using it both in our first team and our academy. Once is easy to use, saving a lot of time during the day to day work with video in a football club." - Kfir.

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Customer testimonial, assistant coach and match analyst at U.S.D. 1913 Seregno Calcio [Italy]

Davide Vincenzo Minardi is an Assistant coach and Match analyst for the First team at U.S.D. 1913 Seregno Calcio [Italy]. Club currently plays in Serie D.

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Video analysis booming in Croatian football

Video analysis has come knocking on the doors of Croatian football and many clubs started to embrace it. We are going to introduce to you some Croatian coaches that embraced video analysis, using Once's software to help them achieve better results and team performances.

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