As the popularity of football is constantly growing, the need to record, process and analyze is growing as well. The idea that players are restrained by their physical characteristics is overcome by the new values – intelligent movements and quality passes. That values are highly connected to analysis, as the analysis helps coaches and players receive the best knowledge about their own team and opponents; highly developing tactical parameter along with player’s intellect. Recognizing the trends in modern football, many systems designed to record and analyze the game of football, started to process the data and dissect the game to it essence – which later on coaches use to enhance the performance of their players.

Famous coach, Pep Guardiola, use video analysis for studying the opponents – in order to prepare his team and exploit his opponent’s weak spots. Another spokesperson for video analysis is Julian Nagelsmann, coach at Hoffenheim FC, who installed large screen at the training ground – to set his training based on the footage from the screen. Dutch player Arjen Robben use video analysis to analyze his own play – as a way of improvement for the next match.

Video analysis is used for analysis of opponents, own team or analysis of individual players.

As we learned in previous article ( , the first step to successful analysis is quality video footage. Depending if you filmed the game with one or more cameras, or used video merging software – good video footage is fundamental.

”Better the footage, better the analysis”

From the tactical aspect, the course of football play unfolds through four phases:

  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Transition from attack to defense
  • Transition from defense to attack

Those phases of play can help coaches and analysts track the progress on the field easily and more effectively. There is a circular process which coaches use; after the match, the coach will analyze and evaluate performances of his players using video analyzer. Based on the information collected, he will design and plan the training, as well as the preparation for the next match. So the quality and efficiency of both the training and game preparation depends on the results from the previous analysis. To achieve those goals we have developed Once Video Analyser, simple and affordable tool for faster and efficient analysis. We have tried all different tools for video analysis and they are too complex, so we have created Once Video Analyser []

Once video analysis software helps you break the game into sections and improve your coaching skills. Main features are:

  • Tag events
  • Draw on video
  • Export video with drawings
  • Easy to use
  • Faster analysis
  • Affordable (for limited time price is only 100 EUR/year!)

How it works?

To start a new analysis you only need a video footage, in avi or mp4 format. Simply add game info to start analysis.

While watching the footage you can add actions or players to tag specific events – those actions are divided into sections attacking, defending and other.

You can tag events on the field using two ways:

  1. with code buttons
  2. by clicking space and enter – (useful when every action has its own duration -transition and phases). Press space to mark beginning of an event and enter name of action, press enter to mark end – any action can be added during analysis.

Each action can be added to each player on the field, for better individual analysis.Another great feature is drawing; which can be done directly on the video or later in the preview window. Using a set of useful and simple tools you can draw on video, analyzing the video to the same degree as of professional analyzers.

“Enhance your videos through drawings.”

The final step is exporting the analyzed video, with or without drawings. It offers three options; exporting videos joined into one video file, exporting videos all in one folder, or in different folder – where actions with the same name are saved in the same folder. Also, you can choose the order in which the video clips will be exported.

Finally, you can watch the analysis on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and proudly present it to your players and staff.