Live analysis is a competitive advantage unlike any other. It helps you to analyse the events on the pitch while the match is still being played. By using live analysis, you can influence your team in real-time, make tactical improvements and win some of the matches you wouldn’t have otherwise won.

With live sports video analysis, you can notice your team’s weak points and correct them. Or, you can see what your team is doing well and decide to focus more on your strengths. During half-time, you can coordinate with the rest of your team, share your observations and present the videos as examples of good and bad practices.

As we all know, just watching a game really brings out our subjective side and no one can see everything as a video camera and live analysis can. Live match video analysis is a tool, a tool that helps you to step away and to see things more clearly.Not so long ago, live analysis was only for the elite clubs. It used to be complex and needed expensive equipment and software to function properly. Now, this has changed. Anyone can do live analysis with Once Video Analyser PRO. Keep reading and find out how!

What do I need for live analysis?

  • Once Video Analyser PRO
  • Laptop 
  • Camera with live HDMI output (you need to be able to stream while the camera records)
  • Capture card (it captures video content from the camera and encodes it for playback on computer)
  • If you have access to a rtsp or a m3u8 stream of the game, you don’t need any equipment. Just copy/paste the link to Once PRO and start your analysis.

How to get my Once PRO ready for live sports video analysis?

  • Create a new coding template for live analysis
  • set lag time -1 sec,+20sec and use regular code buttons (do not use recording mode because of the delay)
  • Add hotkeys for your most used events (S-shot, A – attack, D – defence, M – mistake…). You can write the name of the action on a sticker and stick it to the hotkey – to be sure which hotkey is which action.
  • Connect the camera with a capture card and a laptop
  • Start your video analysis (we recommend 1080p, 6000bitrate if you have a more powerful PC, or optimal is 720p, 3000 kbps settings). 
  • test it in a training session analysis before the live game analysis
live analysis 1 - Once Video Analyser PRO
live analysis 2 - Once Video Analyser PRO

What to do during the match?

  • Click on “Start analysis” a minute before the game starts. Click on the camera REC button. The video will be saved on your hard drive, but also on your camera too.
  • When you see an action interesting to you, click on the Code button or on the selected Hotkey
  • Mark actions with a good/bad/favourite filter during the analysis to filter out the actions that are the most important to you, those that you want to show to the team during halftime
  • When the first half finishes, close the analysis to save it. Click on “Stop recording” on the camera.
  • Get to the locker room and check which action the coach wants to see or present to the players. Discuss the game and possible changes of tactics or substitutions.
  • Tip: if an action is too short, use “Edit clip” to prolong it
  • Go back to the stadium, connect the laptop and record the second half
  • Discuss the second half/entire game with the coach after the game. Give him the video of the entire game from the camera and prepare the post-match analysis.


  • Use clean video HDMI out (i.e. no graphics overlay)
  • Be careful of camera overheating when recording entire game (use faster memory card, protect it from sun)
  • Use power and memory card
  • Protect equipment from rain/wet
  • Capture card doesn’t have to be expensive – here is a list of capture cards supported by Once Video Analyser for Windows and for macOS:

Check out our live analysis video!

If you are reading this and you haven’t tried video analysis yet, or you aren’t satisfied with the results, visit Download a free trial of Once Video Analyser PRO! Once is a simple-to-use tool for professional video analysis with TV like graphics. You can get a video tutorial free-of-charge as well. Simply contact us at [email protected] to schedule a call so we can show you all of the program features and answer any questions you may have.