The Once team is happy to announce a new version of Once Video Analyser with exciting new features. We are constantly working on a new improvements to make Once Video Analyser the best and simplest tool for video analysis and drawing on video.

New features

The new release includes:

  • Only draw “button” – add video on which you want to draw
  • french language
  • fixes and improvements

Only draw “button” allows users who have already prepared a video analysis clip and only want to draw on it. They can export it with animated drawings on it.

Current users are already informed about the update when the application is opened. The newest version is Once Video Analyser PRO – version number is on the main screen on the bottom.

If you don’t have the newest version or you want to try it again, download from here (
Easily create analysis with animations like on television!

License code to try again: Q32M-2JGN-PSSF (valid till 5th March 2020)

The price is 300 EUR + vat yearly! No in-app purchases, unlimited analysis.

Please let us know if you will have any questions regarding Once Video Analyser – [email protected]