In modern, performance-oriented football, video analysis has become indispensable in the preparation and follow-up of matches and training sessions. And if you want to get ready for the future, your youth academy is one of the pillars of your club’s development.

SV Sandhausen took these two facts, and decided to reposition itself as the regional junior training center, thereby further advancing its own professionalization.

To improve the conditions in which their coaches are working and their players growing, they decided to cooperate with Once Sport.

SV Sandhausen was founded in 1916, and the club is currently in one of its best periods, playing in the 2. Bundesliga for the tenth consecutive season. And, as you know, the 2. Bundesliga is one of the toughest football competitions in the world. To keep this wave of success, they knew that they have to keep working hard and developing young players.

One of the conditions that are needed for the development of a young player is analysis. Young players need a way to see their strong sides and their mistakes, to learn from them, and to grow. For this to happen, coaches that work in the youth department need to have an easy and simple way to create video analysis of their matches.

Raphael Laghnej, Director of Football of the Sandhausen youth department, is looking forward to this collaboration:

“I’ve been using Once Video Analyser PRO for two years now, and I am very happy to welcome Once Sport as our official partner.
It is a high-quality video analysis software that stands out because of its versatility and ease of use.”

SV Sandhausen will use Once Video Analyser PRO for match preparation and for opposition analysis, as well as for one-on-one coaching and individual player analysis. Once Video Analyser PRO is a great way to analyse video with TV-like graphics, and its strength comes from its simplicity. It is a 2-in-1 tool, which helps the coaches to both tag situations on the pitch and to use drawing on video for explaining concepts to young players.

Once Sport CEO, Dalibor Čvek, is also thrilled about the cooperation:

“We are thrilled to be a tool used by coaches of a club of the level of SV Sandhausen, competing in one of the toughest competitions there is. Our tool will surely help the coaches and the players of SV Sandhausen to achieve their goals, and to go beyond.”

You can also read about our cooperation from the side of SV Sandhausen in their news article on their website.

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