In less than a year that we are doing our certification course, we have helped 200 coaches and video analysts to advance their careers by joining our certification course.

We are thrilled to say that we helped 200 people gain new knowledge and stand out from others by becoming professional video analysts certified by Once Sport. The power of video analysis can be a great boost to your career. We are here to provide you with the tools for your success.

Getting a certificate also raises your chances of getting a new or a better job. Think of getting a certificate as an investment. You invest a few hours of your time and in return you get an improved position on the job market. This translates to higher chance of employment and a better paycheck.

During the certification, our participants learn how to:

  • tag game events and tactical elements
  • highlight tagged events with the help of 3D animated graphics
  • organise your analysis and prepare it for presentation
  • export statistics in the excel file format

The certification is free for all existing Once Video Analyser users and for coaches with a UEFA B licence (or higher). The regular price for other attendees is now 50 Euro (+VAT). It comes with a free licence to use our premium product, Once Video Analyser PRO, for a month.

We know that coaches and analysts are busy people. That is why we are flexible with arranging the course according to their schedule. The lectures and the testing can be done in 7 languages – English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Croatian.

If you are reading this and you are thinking: “Well, I want to get the certificate too”, please visit Easily apply by filling out this short form. We will contact you shortly and we will arrange the start of your certification course quickly.

If you didn’t try using video analysis yet, or you just aren’t satisfied with the results, visit and download a free trial of Once Video Analyser PRO! Once is a simple-to-use tool for professional video analysis with TV-like graphics. Plus, you can get a video tutorial free of charge as well. Simply contact us at to schedule a call so we can show you all of the program features and answer any questions you may have.