?After finishing his football professional career, Bruno was an assistant coach for Dalibor Starcevic at the best club in Kuwait, Al Qadsi. After that he takes over the club in Oman, Al Seeb and enters the 2nd league in the highest rank.

This season, 2019/2020, I also ran one of the most trophy clubs in Oman, the Al Fanja Club.

?“I would recommend the Once Video Analyzer program to everyone. It is simple to use and extremely necessary for training and match analysis.”: Bruno Šiklić.


?Congratulations to Mr. Rtimi on successfully finishing our video analyst certification test.

?Mr. Rtimi “As a grassroot coach and B-License candidate with a passion for football analysis the “Once Video Analyser” provided me with the great tools to capture and review the matches with my team, and also to fulfill my passion for analyzing some pro matches and post them on my social media. Great software, easy to use and it definitely gives a great impact and a plus to any coach, analyst who is going to use it.”


Darjan Slavic bivši je igrač NŠ Mura (Slovenija), a sada trener u NŠ Mura nogometnoj školi. Bio je glavni trener U8 – U12 i U17. Sada je glavni trener U19. Darjan kaže da je gotovo kao Maldini, sve se vrti oko NŠ Mura 

“Da bi igrač što brže napredovao u svim segmentima svoje igre, posebice na akademiji, potrebna mu je analiza kako bi mu se pokazale njegove slabosti i njegove snage. Uz Once Video Analyser mogu lako analizirati igru, pogotovo jer je analiza jednostavna i brza. Također, zbog pristupačne cijene preporučio bih ga svim trenerima.”: Darjan Slavic.


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