Once Sport has a new logo!

Since 2011, we are helping coaches in making their work easier, faster, and more efficient. 12 years of international experience with thousands of users from more than 80 countries. We are proud to be here for all of them.

Our old logo was a part of that whole journey. And, even though it served us very well, we’ve decided to give our brand a fresh new look that reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The new logo is primarily green, with grey and white versions also available. It features the typography of our company name, “Once,” in an aggressive and modern font. The letter “O” has a play icon in it, which represents our focus on sports video analysis and the coaching ability to capture unique moments with our software.

Our latest Once Video Analyser release showcases the new Once Sport logo, along with several other smaller improvements and updates.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to continuing to innovate and grow as a company. Our new logo is just one part of our larger vision for the future.

Although we have had some major updates in the past few months, we are just getting started.

Included with this new logo announcement, here is another huge piece of news – we are working on the automatic tracking feature, and you can expect to see it as a part of Once Video Analyser in the upcoming months!

Here is a sneak peek to the future of automatic tracking with Once Video Analyser!

Thanks for your support as we continue to grow and evolve!

Remember – analysis draws the line between opinion and fact.

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Go ahead and try it, cause Once you try it, you’ll love it!

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