The Once team is happy to announce a new version of Once Video Analyser with exciting new features. We are constantly working on new improvements to make Once Video Analyser the best tool for video analysis and drawing on video.

The new release includes:

  • Fade -in effect for drawings
  • Monthly, lifetime and yearly licenses!
  • Choose a destination for export
  • Change font size
  • Fixes and improvements


The fade-in effect makes drawing elements even more visually attractive. Why not have graphics like on television?

Don’t want to buy a yearly license? No worry, buy monthly licenses or lifetime license. Buy here

We have added the option to choose the destination for the export videos. Before it was exported to the Videos folder by default.


Current users are already informed about the update when the application is opened. The newest version is Once Video Analyser PRO – version number is on the home screen on the bottom.

If you don’t have the newest version or you want to try it again, download from here (

Easily create analysis with animations like on television!


Please let us know if you will have any questions regarding Once Video Analyser – [email protected]