If you want to improve, you need to analyse. As we like to say, analysis draws the line between opinion and fact. Shortly, what we want to say, if you want to improve yourself or your team, video analysis is the way to go.

But, to create video analysis, you need to have two things – a video, and a video analysis software. Nowadays, automated recording solutions are becoming more and more popular, due to their simplicity and effectiveness. They enable sports clubs to fully automate their match and training recording.

Automated recording solutions and getting videos for your analysis

You simply need to install a specific camera at the center line of the sports field, and you can then schedule recording from your own club dashboard. In most cases, this is done with the help of AI-powered software which uses neural networks and computer vision to digitally pan and zoom in on the recording. It’s like having a camera operator record a game!

The most popular automated recording programs are currently Veo, Pixellot, Spiideo, and some others. And, of course, Once Autocam, which is different from the others because it can work with any panoramic camera. Other automated recording systems require you to use their specific camera.

On the other hand, you can get videos for your scouting needs from, for example, InStat and Wyscout. Those platforms are a great source of videos for analysis focused on scouting opponents or players.

Sports video analysis software

Once Video Analyser works great with videos downloaded from Veo, Pixellot, Spiideo, Wyscout, or InStat. You are probably asking yourself now, why would I use some other video analysis software if the recording solutions already have some kind of video analysis option? Well, here is a list of reasons.

  • Veo, Pixellot, and Spiideo are focused on recording, not on video analysis. Their video analysis solutions are complex to use.
  • InStat and Wyscout are focused on scouting, not on video analysis. Again, poor video analysis solutions.
  • Automated recording solutions are online tools, that require a stable and fast internet connection for video analysis. Once Video Analyser is used offline, making it easy to use from anywhere – the bus, the plane, or the stadium.
  • They don’t let you analyse any video – Once Video Analyser does. Sometimes, you record the video with your own camera, get the video from the opponent, from the scout…And you can’t analyse it with other tools.
  • The drawing tools of automated recording solutions are not as good as the drawing features of Once Video Analyser.
  • Some solutions ask you to pay extra to use their video analysis software, making them even more expensive than you thought in the first place. With Once, there are no hidden costs or storage limits. It aims to offer the best quality-price ratio in the market.

Why do professionals use Once Video Analyser?

Marko Krnjić is the head coach of the Slovenian club MNK Izola. The club is owned by Damir Skomina, a former UEFA Elite Category football referee, who was a part of both a Champions League and a Europa League final. The club uses Veo for recording matches, but they use Once Video Analyser PRO for their video analysis needs. Why?

Marko Krnjić MNK Izola coach uses Once Video Analyser

“We use Veo for recording videos, and Once Video Analyser PRO for video analysis. To understand exactly what happened during a match, you need to do an analysis. And to create a video analysis, you really need a tool that is made only for video analysis.

Once saves me time, enabling me to create a video analysis very quickly. Also, it has great drawing features that I love using for explaining tactics to the players. Plus, the customer support of Once Sport is very helpful”.

So, here is a first-hand experience that acclaims that automated recording solutions like Veo, Pixellot, Spiideo, InStat, and Wyscout are a perfect combination with Once Video Analyser!

Once Autocam – automated recording for everyone

As mentioned above, we have also developed a software for automated recording – Once Autocam. Once Autocam is special because it enables you to use any wide-angle camera for creating TV-like footage.

You just set the camera, and record your match without a camera operator. Also, you can use Autocam to stream matches live to YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Plus, you can add a sponsor or a club logo and the match result to the footage created with Once Autocam.

The pricing is affordable and has options for payment per match, or a monthly/yearly subscription plan. It is a powerful automated recording solution for clubs on all levels!

Of course, you can use the recorded video to analyse it with Once Video Analyser. Once Autocam is a great alternative to Veo, Spiideo, and Pixellot.

And if you are reading this and you think you could use a better video analysis program, or you haven’t tried video analysis yet, browse around our website www.once.de. If you like what you see, just download the completely free trial of Once Video Analyser PRO!

You can get a video tutorial free of charge as well. Simply contact us at info@once.de to schedule a call so we can show you all of the program features and answer any questions you may have.

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