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Automated recording solutions like Veo and Once Video Analyser – a match made in heaven

To create video analysis you need two things - a video, and a video analysis program. You can use automated recording solutions, such as Veo, Pixellot, Spiideo, or Once Autocam, for getting TV-like footage, and analyse it with Once Video Analyser. It’s the perfect combination! Read more!

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A week in the life of a professional video analyst – how do professionals analyse?

A unique insight into a week in the life of a professional video analyst. How does he create an analysis? What does he tag? Why does he draw? What is important to him? Learn more about the post-match analysis, opposition analysis, and team meetings.

How to create video presentations with Once Video Analyser and Microsoft Photos?

Add titles to your videos, separate them by segments, and add statistics, club logos or any other images and create video presentations with this quick, easy-to-use and free tool. Read the blog to discover how to create video presentations with Once Video Analyser and Microsoft Photos.

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How to influence the match while it’s still being played? Live analysis helps you win more games

Live analysis is a competitive advantage unlike any other. By using it, you can influence your team in real-time and make tactical improvements during the game. It helps you see things more clearly, and you can do it now with Once PRO.

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Tagging match events – extensive tips & tricks Once walkthrough

In this blog post, we will take a more in-depth look at the process that is crucial in the analysis segment of Once Video Analyser - tagging. If you’re looking to learn more about it and also learn some expert tips and tricks, this is the place.

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Video format not supported? Learn how to convert videos with a free & easy solution in steps with screenshots

You have recorded the game, but you can’t start the analysis because it is not in the supported video format and the video can’t be played? That problem can be solved in just a few minutes – using a video converter.

The video from your camera is divided into several clips? A free and easy solution for merging video clips! Steps with screenshots

If you have ever recorded video with a camera, you have probably noticed that the entire video is in several clips. Having the entire match or training session in more clips makes analysis more complex, so this is a problem you need to address.

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How to Run a Sports Team During Lockdown? – a 6 step guide

For all of us in the sports community, the COVID crisis means unplanned pauses during our competitions. But, what to do during those? Don’t let your team go, keep working. Make the best of the situation. Here you can find all you need to know about running a team during lockdown.

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How to create an online video analysis database? Affordable and easy to use. Example

What is important if you want to have an online database? There is a lot of different online drive storage solutions like One drive, Dropbox, Google drive and others. We have tested different solutions on the market and the winner is Google Drive.

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Once Video Analyser vs. competitors – product comparison

Here is a comparison of Once Video Analyser PRO against competition. Hope this will help you to make your decision easier and faster.

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