Statistical and video analysis is in. Professional analysis of various TV shows, game analysis with great reliance on statistics, clips with added graphic elements and drawing on a video. Everything on the big door came to the big (TV) and all range of small screens (cell phones, tablets, laptops) in recent years across the world.

The fundamental misconceptions of coaches, analysts and leading people in clubs in media less exposed leagues, trainers in the younger categories and academies are about the lack any analysis, being complicated and costly solutions. Often coaches do not have the recordings of individual matches or training they want to analyze, do not have an analytical program that they can do or use classic non-customized video editing software. All these misconceptions and problems will step by step be demystified through this text.

Why Video Analysis?

This question that is still known to occur is quite legitimate. Many coaches, accustomed to working methods without using serious video analysis, feel that this is an overwhelming element that “laptop trainers” give too much importance. Video Analysis is a tool, a weapon that gives the coach the ability to see better events in a game or training. Due to the complexity and abundance of events, the coach during the match can observe and remember a small number of events in the field. Video analysis gives it an insight into the broader number of events and elements that can be influenced and improved through later work. Presentation on a meeting sessions (either team meetings, as a preliminary match analysis or preparation for the next rival, either with individual meetings with players pointing to some mistakes or explaining the task for the next match), the use of video drawing elements gives the coach the ability to emphasizing their ideas, making it easier for players to focus on themselves and their work.

Unavailability of the recordings?

The underlying problem of a team that does not have the video game or training recordings available is the assumption that it is a tremendously expensive item, which is why a costly professional is needed to capture everything needed. Also, there are clubs that regularly record all of their matches, but the cameraman is not referred to the essential legacy of the football game as well as the joint movements and team tactical setup during certain field situations that the coach and analyst want to see. Once stitcher resolves such problems.

The basic two or three cameras (depending on the distance from the ground) and the annual license for Once Stitcher are all you need. The cameras are set next to the field before the match/training. Merge the footage with Once Stitcher and get a fantastic panorama…

…or a tactical video suitable for analysis

The process of creating a tactical footage is completely automated. After tagging the basic points in the field, Once stitcher performs creating a panorama of the footage, and then using an algorithm that tracks field player movements and tactical footage. After we’ve resolved the problem of footage, we move to another barrier.

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Analysis software

Many coaches, analysts, and clubs believe that professional analysis tools are unavailable from two reasons:

1. Professional analysis tools are expensive

2. Professional analysis tools are complicated, difficult to use, and it takes a long time to master the work in the same

Once video analyzer eliminates all these problems and doubts. Affordable and easy to use, Once video analyzer is a tool used by coaches in top clubs and representations but is also the tool that expands the scope of analysis at the U15 team coach in the Croatian third league. A very good yearly license combined with a simple user interface is a winning combination.

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Graphics and drawing on video

The old proverb says the picture says 1000 words. Video with drawings spells a million words and gives the coach a powerful tool to translate ideas to the players, point out mistakes and raise the team to a higher level.

Present analysis

Once you’ve analysed the video and data that is important to you, you have to share that in a way the players will understand. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so consider their learning styles.

  • individual meetings with players – this is for players which don’t want to be criticized in front of others and hurts their ego. Also, some players understand your ideas better if you work with them individually.
  • group meetings – presentation of analysis in front of entire team. This is a concept that is widely present for tactical review of team analysis and preparation for next opponent.
  • An essential element of today’s work are social networks, whats’app, viber and various communication channels and platforms. Many trainers send their exported videos with drawings to their players, with drawings indicating mistakes in past matches or preparing for the next rival. In this way, players come prepared for analytical meetings and the coach has the ability to successfully transfer more ideas to the players.

YouTube and TV broadcast

The unobtrusive part of the mentioned is the wider number of online analysts and youtubers who are more and more popular, and have the need for a fast, easy and inexpensive tool with attractive drawing elements. Of course, the popularity of youtube analysis is inspired by television shows and analyzes

And in the aforementioned broadcast and television area, Once did not watch the developer and trends as the viewer, we have already offered through our Once video analyzer its solution – Presentation mode

A live program analyst is analyzing with fewer or more pre-assembled elements, while viewers enjoy full HD analysis without reducing the quality.

Once sport has rounded up its offer of products covering a wide range of clubs and needs. From the top of the Once Pro iPad and Web applications with detailed game analysis, through Once Stitcher to crunch fantastic tactical shots for analysis to the Once video analyzer, which with its flexibility gives you countless ways to use. It is up to you to choose the product or method of use that suits you best, and raise your work to a higher level.