Once Video Analyser is a very diversified tool. Coaches and video analysts use Once in more than 5 different sports, such as football, basketball, american football, hockey and field hockey and even swimming. But now, Once is entering a completely new field – eSports.

L4K eSports is the German national competence center for virtual football (eFootball). They help and support athletes, clubs and companies with all questions related to eSports – especially FIFA eSports. For example, the L4K team works with the eSports teams of Hannover 96 (Marcel “Don Chap28” Deutscher and Max Nottka), FC Basel and SV Darmstadt (Tolunay “Tolush10” Arikan). Their players have many achievements, such as being the German FIFA champions.

Teoman Arslan is a coach in L4K eSports. He stresses the importance of training and feedback in the preparation process. Also, he states that a coach can influence the team chemistry, individual skills, the atmosphere and the professionalism of the players.

Depending on how much effort the coach puts in, he can contribute to the team’s success. Mr. Arslan states that the core task of the coach is to take over the training completely and deliver the players good digital analysis feedback. This is why he chose Once.

Here is an example of how a digital eSports analysis looks like.

About Once, Teoman has said:

“The video analyses are recorded after every training match and edited using Once PRO. This way the cognitive abilities are trained and the player can recall the picture which was shown to him in the next game. This way, the concentration increases, while the stress factor decreases. The player can perform more commands and victory is closer.”

As we said, we are very proud to become partners with L4K eSports and to provide the logistics to their efforts. The Once CEO, Dalibor Čvek, stated:

“Preparation and analysis are growingly important in eSports. To improve and to be better, you need to know more than the competition, so we at Once are very glad that Teoman has recognized Once Video Analyser PRO as a software that helps him and his team in success. We wish him great results in the future and we are proud to be partners.”

If you are reading this and you haven’t tried video analysis yet, or you aren’t satisfied with the results, visit once.de. Download a free trial of Once Video Analyzer PRO! Once is a simple-to-use tool for professional video analysis with TV like graphics. You can get a video tutorial free-of-charge as well. Simply contact us at [email protected] to schedule a call so we can show you all of the program features and answer any questions you may have.