Video analysis has become widely adopted by many teams at the highest level of the competition, providing them key insights about the game of football. No matter how focused the coaches are, it is impossible to see and remember everything that is happening on the pitch. So that is where video comes in handy, as the ultimate teaching tool – coach’s new eyes for understanding strengths and weaknesses of their team and opponents.

As on all around the world, video analysis has also come knocking on the doors of Croatian football and many clubs started to embrace it – starting from higher to lower division clubs.

We are going to introduce to you some Croatian coaches that embraced video analysis, using Once’s software to help them achieve better results and team performances.

Marko Lozo is a young and educated coach, who led HNK Hajduk 2 from 3rd to 2nd division, constantly working with his young players and improving their tactical skills – finally leading them to the title of 3rd division of Croatian football league. He also tasted leadership of Hajduk’s first team, coaching them in one match in first division.

Marko is a big fan of Once’s products;

“Unfortunately in Croatia, detailed statistical and video analysis is not used enough, but for me it is an indispensable part of quality coach work.”

“In the work with the Hajduk 2 team, while fighting for the promotion to 2. HNL, I used two solutions from Once Football. Once Pro app helped me to isolate the individual and team technical – tactical elements of the matches, through the detailed analysis supported by videos. Loading multiple matches allowed me to track trends of my players.”

“I also used Once Video Analyser as a tool that enabled me additional video analysis of the matches with the addition of drawing elements on the video. Those prepared segments were an ideal mean for meetings with the players and transferring my ideas onto them.”

Sergej Jakirović is another one of the famous players in Croatian league, which started his coaching career immediately after hanging his boots. His coaching career at NK Sesvete started as coach for U21 team and assistant coach for the senior team, this summer Sergej started as a head coach there.

Sergej is full of praise for Once Video Analyser;

“I started using Once Video Analyser this season and I can say it is really a top-quality product. It allows me to do an independent analysis of matches anywhere I want, using just my laptop, and makes my presentations to players easier. I find the drawing tool very useful, because with it I can simply transfer my ideas to the team. Once team provides great support and is always at your disposal, so I am recommending Once software to everyone in need of fast and simple analysis.”

Dean Škoda is an another young and educated coach, who has experience in working with youth department and senior players, currently working as a main coach at NK Lošinj – 4th division club.

Dean is a new user of Once Video Analyser, but he immediately felt in love with it;

“I watch all our matches with Once Video Analyser because it is much easier to do the analysis, and compare it to already a great base of matches I analyzed with it. It is very simple to use, rewinding and moving around the footage allows me to get to a certain action easily. I can classify actions by attacking/defending for better review, and also use drawing tool that is simple but effective in my work with players.”

Ivan Zubić hardens his coaching skills at NK Kustošija, another newly promoted club in 2nd division. He is currently acting as a second hand to head coach, legend of Croatian football league, Renato Jurčec.

Once Video Analyser’s drawing tool helped Ivan greatly to analyze his team and opponents;

“I use Once Video Analyser to show the players their strengths and weaknesses shown during the matches, as well as the future opponents we face in the coming matches. For the analytic system I use drawing tool, because it is very useful and can exactly show the players movements and transitions on the field.”

Igor Tolić was a former player of a few 2nd and 3rd division clubs, ending his career at NK Hašk, where he was the coach of U21 team. This summer he was called to HNK Hajduk, where he was put in charge of U17 team.

Igor sees Once Video Analyser as a great tool to transfer his ideas to his players and the rest of the coaching staff;

“I use Once Video Analyser for over two years. When I was a coach in NK Hašk, I used it little less because of the unavailability of the match footages, but at HNK Hajduk I use it every day. I analyze training and match footages with it, because it is an excellent tool for transferring information I gathered to players and coaching staff, in order to explain game requirements to them. It is extremely easy to use, the drawing tool is simple. Especially good are adjustments to user needs, while introducing new useful features often.”

Once Football has recognized the need of coaches for simple and fast video analysis tool, so we developed software for simple tagging of events, drawing onto video and exporting for better presentation – Once Video Analyser.

Once video analysis software helps you break the game into sections and improve your coaching skills. Main features are:

  • Tag events
  • Draw on video
  • Export video with drawings
  • Easy to use
  • Faster analysis
  • Affordable (for limited time price is only 100 EUR/year!)
  • Includes education for coaches and support
  • Possible team discount for more licenses bought

To learn more about our Video Analyser, click on this link, to watch our promo video, or download the trial version to start enjoying all those features.